The Return of the Tui

IMG_7890-blogLast August just before we headed off for a trip to Brisbane was the last time we saw the tui at our feeders.  He has been gone over the Summer months as there has been an abundance of natural food about.  He wasn’t the only one to leave us either, the waxeyes also disappeared from our garden.  Today both are back and I am very happy about it.  IMG_7867-blogThe light outside was hideous, our windows are definitely in need of a wash and there was the tui looking at me through the window.  I just had to record the moment and picked up the camera, held it to the window and clicked away at 3200 ISO.  I knew the images would be grainy and just plain nasty because of the situation but I needed to record the tui’s first day back.  IMG_7859-blogHow do I know it’s the same one?  Easy, he let me get really close with the camera and when I was done with that I went outside and stood under him in the tree and talked to him for  a while.  He wasn’t worried about my being there and as soon as I refilled the feeder he flew straight back to it – a routine we had last year also.  I hope he brings some friends with him this year, it would be nice to get lots of tui images for my blog.IMG_7852-blog

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