Back at the inlet…

IMG_2237-blogI have finished work for the year and am looking forward to spending time with my family, (especially my grandson) and of course getting back out to the inlet with the kingfishers. Today’s images are from my last two visits there, I have been holding off posting them until a fellow photographer friend managed to get a shot of them.  They have been rather elusive for him and I was feeling bad about posting my successes.IMG_2181-blogI have a very busy time planned for the next few months with all my leave time allocated at work and wouldn’t you know it I have been called up for jury service. I suppose that will teach me for being too organised with regards to my trips away.  Still this is the first time they have called me up and I guess that is pretty lucky, I know others have done it several times already.  Hopefully I won’t get chosen.IMG_2607-blogI know this image (above) isn’t a kingfisher but I really liked the pose and couldn’t resist taking the shot.  Actually I think it was my best of the day.  The kingfisher numbers have been down from last year and yesterday afternoon I actually saw three different birds. One of them was very vocal as if calling to others so I am hoping she was encouraging chicks to come out.  It was a little frustrating when I could hear her in a tree above me but couldn’t move to get the shot.
IMG_2424-blogIt is encouraging to see the kingfisher numbers going up though, I hope as the Summer progresses we see more of them there.  They are a beautiful bird and I am no where near finished photographing them yet.IMG_2399-blog



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