Snails for dinner

IMG_1915-blogStraight after work today I was back out to the kingfishers in the hope that a. the tide was right and b. that the kingfishers would be out.  The tide was too far out really to bother but I did anyway, and there was one kingfisher.  I think it is the same one I have seen for the last few days – a juvenile female I think.  Anyway it flew over towards me, expelled a casting and then flew off again.  I saw it a bit later in the distance but it didn’t come close again.IMG_1917-blogI was however, entertained by a song thrush having a meal of snails.  It had the snail in its beak and then found a rock to bash it on.  After several bashings the shell gave way and the bird ate dinner.  All around me I could hear other birds doing the same thing and when I looked they were all thrushes!IMG_1923-blog

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