The Young’n

IMG_1792-blogWhen it comes to the Kingfishers I am both obsessive and stubborn. The weather was fine so I decided the kingfishers were going to be out and about. I probably should have sent them a memo prior to heading out because I got it slightly wrong.  The tide had turned and was on it’s way out but at the inlet it can be quite some time before you actually see the water receding. IMG_1796-blogRegardless I set up my chair, covered myself with my camo cover and got out my ipad.  I had a book that I was half way through so I thought it would be a good way to kill time while the birdlife got used to my being there. I finished my book within an hour and in that time I saw one kingfisher do a fly by and that was all.  I figured if there is one there will be more so I waited.IMG_1811-blogIn the first hour and a half the water hardly moved, then all of a sudden the sandbanks started to appear and low and behold a kingfisher – way over the other side of the small bay that I was holed up in. I fired off a few shots because I could and caught it in flight, but the images are grainy and not worth even processing. They did however cause my stubbornness to set in.IMG_1834-blogIn all this time my long suffering husband was sitting back in the car reading his own book. I had forgotten to take my cell phone so figured he would come and get me when he was ready to leave.  I had been sitting there about two and a half hours when  I saw him heading my way and at that very moment the kingfisher appeared in front of me!  It bounced around on a few of the branches then flew to a branch in the scrub almost too close for the lens to cope with.  My husband saw the bird and thankfully backed off.IMG_1850-blogThe kingfisher is a juvenile bird and its feathers are still a bit scruffy but I am not complaining. I got my shots and then packed up knowing that it was time to give up for the day.  I really think I was out there too early but the tides are looking good for a couple of trips out there after work this week.  Roll on holiday time!

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