Cape Kidnappers Gannet Colony

Gannet in Flight

The Cape Kidnappers Gannet Colony is one of my favourite places to photograph birds.  The main reason for this is that I don’t have to walk anywhere and the birds are within touching distance of the camera and it doesn’t bother them.

Gannet Egg

In a few square metres of ground you can see anything from a courting couple to an egg being incubated to a fluffy white chick – you don’t have to go hunting for them, they are just there!

Gannet and Chick

I usually use the Overland Safari buses to get to the gannets which travels through private property to get there. The bus is air conditioned and comfortable and I can take as much gear as I can carry.  What’s more, when we get to the gannets we are served morning tea.  Luxury!

Gannet Feeding Chick

These images are from our trip over the Christmas period and you can see the breeding season is well underway.


Compared to the Muriwai colony that we saw a week earlier nesting mounds are much closer here and the birds are more tolerant of each other (within reason). They are definitely more tolerant of humans which makes it easier for photography but I am sure it has its downsides too.

Gannet Greeting

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