CR Kennedy Honours Dinner

Last Saturday I attended the CR Kennedy Honours Dinner at The Narrows Landing in Hamilton to receive my Fellowship Distinction with the Photographic Society of New Zealand, for my Australasian Gannet Nature Portfolio set. It was a night of celebration for many of my friends and even one family member who all achieved distinctions at different levels.

Receiving my Fellowship Award from Gerard Emery of CR Kennedy

This past year I have mentored two great photographers to successfully gaining their Licentiates and I am extremely happy for them both. I know the amount of work they put into creating their sets and the courage it took to submit them. Having all three of us receive our awards at the same dinner was an added bonus.

Toya Heatley FPSNZ, Karen Camp LPSNZ, Sandy Odell LPSNZ

What to do next? Well I plan to continue mentoring them both until they feel comfortable in submitting a set for the next level – Associate, and I will be there to celebrate with them then too!

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