Spring time with the tui

Each year when the kowhai trees flower in our neighbourhood, I know it is time to clean my dining room window to be ready for the rainy spring days. Why the window? Because I have two late flowering kowhai trees right outside the house and my large bay window allows me to use the house as a hide when photographing the tui through the window as they feed on the kowhai nectar. It is almost always raining when these trees are in flower which is why I always plan to photograph them from inside the house.

It has been raining so the plan worked and I have some amazing images this year without even setting foot outside. The tui is one of my favourite birds to photograph, they have such beautiful colours and patterns in their feathers and are also a bit of a challenge as they move so much. Here is a selection of the images that I have taken over the last week. All of these images are available as prints.

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