Crystal Balls

When you see the words ‘crystal balls’, you instantly think of wise old women telling fortunes at fairs, but not this time.  My crystal ball is devoted entirely to photography.  Having had a play with refracting landscape images in my ball, I decided to try something different.

I joined a Facebook group or three for inspiration and I found it in bucket loads.  These images are the first try at light painting with the ball.  I am happy with what I achieved but I can see so many ways they could be improved on.  Some kiwi ingenuity is going to be called for to achieve what I want in an image.

A lot of props went into the making of these images, a husband, a toy car and track, finger lights, mirror and a whole lot of fun!  Some need to be changed (not the husband) others definitely kept but maybe modified slightly.  The slot car set might feature in the next attempt and definitely a bigger mirror!


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