street photography

Impromptu Street Photography Workshop

My photog companion for the day trip to Picton is really good at street photography.  I myself struggle with that genre because I am always so self conscious about pointing a camera at a stranger without their permission.  However if you ask them you lose that natural element to the image.  So I have never really bothered.

She has a way of doing it that is way less stressful on both the photographer and the subject.  In fact they are totally unaware of what she is doing with the camera as she walks past them. So I watched and learned and these images are  my first real attempt at street photography. 

These images are from Picton where we spent an hour in between the ferry and the cruise. It is amazing what you get to see when you start really looking. So I will say thank you again to my instructor, it was a lot of fun and I have learned many new things over the space of a few hours.

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