Dabchick with chicks

Dabchicks and their babies…

Friday and Saturday mornings were pretty special. The weather was perfect and I got to sit, watch and photograph a dabchick family as they cruised around their pond feeding on all sorts of yummy treats.  It was peaceful and quiet at the park, I only saw two or three other people the entire time I was there.

Watching the chicks riding on their parents backs was like a floating comedy.  I watched as one chick pushed the other off into the water and appeared to be laughing at its sibling. It is amazing the stories the mind can create when you don’t know the context of what is going on.

They are such comical little birds, I could watch them all day long.  Unfortunately the light is only good for a certain period of the day so I took my leave after a couple of hours each day.  I will probably spend the next three weeks processing the images taken (there are sooo many!).  It was fun and I am thankful of the opportunity.

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