Eastern Rosella’s at TMP

Eastern rosellas are well established at the Trentham Memorial Park now. There is a huge flock and they are very vocal. Each time I have taken the camera to photograph the rosellas, they disappear high into the trees. Right now there are tiny berries on the tree where I park the car, so I was able to stay in the car and photograph them through the open window.

The berries were also on the ground under the tree, so the birds were feeding on the ground around my car too. They all looked like they needed a good face wash with their grubby feathers under their beaks.

Another feathered resident of the park was also enjoying the berries. The tui were ruling the upper branches of the tree, keeping the rosellas to the lower branches. A couple of them came down low enough for me to capture a couple of images of them too.

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Eastern Rosella

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