New Products Sneak Preview

Exciting new products are coming to my website. Very soon now you will be able to purchase a either cork-backed or glass (with silicon feet) drink coasters featuring birds from this website. I have been wanting to get these for a very long time but the costs always held me back. Now I have purchased the equipment to do them myself so I am now able to offer them at a more reasonable price.

Coasters can be purchased in sets of 4, sets of 2 or individually. They are great for gifts and souvenirs from New Zealand when you are travelling overseas. It is always nice to leave something special behind you to those you have met along the way. Please note that the stands in these images are for display purposes only and do not come with the coasters.

I have a limited supply of kakariki karaka playing cards available also. These will be sold on a first in basis and may not make it to the shop until I have sufficient stock.

I am still working on getting the shop sorted, but if anyone wants to order any in the mean time, drop me a message on my contact page. Most images on my site will be available to choose from.

Following the coasters, I will also be offering HD metal prints of my images. Images printed on HD metal have depth and gloss like you will never see on a normal print. They can be attached to the wall easily, or displayed on a stand.

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