Even more Grey Warblers

The sun shone for a brief time today between the rain showers, so I took the opportunity to get out with the camera.  I decided to go back to the grey warblers after reading that they brood a clutch of eggs early in the season to beat the cuckoos invading them later on, so I wanted to see if this was true.The area I have chosen to visit clearly is a breeding spot for the warblers.  I have seen cuckoos there in the past too which only reinforces that.  To my delight I managed to see a small family of warblers bouncing around the bushes.  When another male (my assumption) came close there was a full on fight for a few minutes.  Unfortunately this took me by surprise and I missed capturing the fight.There was one particularly fluffy warbler that, again, I am assuming is a fledgling as it was constantly waiting with its beak open.  I waited to see if the parent birds were going to feed it but sadly this didn’t happen when I was there.  I plan on going back on a regular basis because I want to get the cuckoos with them too.

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