Fairy Fun

1E6A1094-EditbOne of my more recent ideas (and trust me I have plenty of them) was to offer Fairy Photoshoots for children’s parties – aiming at the age of 3-6 year old girls.  So I went looking for some little fairies to try out my idea. The shoot lasted just under two hours which was exactly long enough for everyone concerned.1E6A1069-EditI teamed up with make-up artist Tammy Hays from Chrysalis FX, who also enjoys working with children and between us and the parents we dressed, face-painted and photographed four little fairies yesterday.1E6A1099-EditOur model in this blog post is Olivia.  I first photographed Olivia when she was a small baby, and again at her Christening and first birthday.  She is such a cute little fairy I have given her a blog post all to herself!  Olivia had two costume changes but I am saving the second one for another post.1E6A1074-EditWe were going to do the shoot outside in the bush – where the fairies play – but alas the weather has been a bit nasty lately and our fairies decided it was nicer inside.1E6A1105-EditIf you have a small fairy who would like to have a photo shoot with some of her little friends contact me and I will see what we can arrange.  Please note that currently I only have costumes for 3-6 year old girls.  1E6A1065-EditWatch this blog for more fairy posts in the next few days.

Face painting by:  Tammy Hays – Chrysalis FX
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