Faster than a speeding…

Getting back into the swing of things with my camera is proving a bit of a mission.  First day out I got the tides wrong so came home empty handed.  Second day I over compensated so was about 30 minutes later than I should have been.  I will eventually get it right and be able to predict the times better the more I get out there.

I was however, impressed at the amount of kingfishers I saw at the beach.  The numbers haven’t been this good in many years.  This hopefully will make it easier to get some good images over the next couple of months before they all disappear off to get busy nesting etc.

These images are all large crops due to the tide being too far out when I was there.  But I processed them anyway to remind myself that I can do better.  Then I had a play at overlaying a few consecutive frames of a kingfisher in flight.  I haven’t done this before but I am happy with the outcome.

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