Frogs frogs and more frogs

Today saw us taking a drive to a favourite wetland just north of Wellington.  This is the first time I have been there with the new camera and was amazed at the freedom of not having to cart heavy gear around with me.  I could hand hold the camera and get good shots even with my shaky hands.  I am very impressed with the new camera and pleased I have made the shift.  It is nice to come home from a shoot and not have sore hands.

So today I went looking for frogs. You can hear them as soon as you arrive at the wetlands, but they go silent as soon as they hear you.  They are incredibly hard to see in the weeds and are the masters of camouflage when quiet.  I am both determined and stubborn, so it wasn’t long before I spotted them.  I was however amazed when I got home and found not one, but two frogs in the images.  I don’t remember seeing two of them in the view finder, yet when I viewed the image on the PC, there they were.

I don’t know if there are any princes among these frogs but I think they are all cute in their own ugly way.  I hope you enjoy this set of images.

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