Kingfishers are go!

Back in 2013/14 I totally obsessed over kingfishers. I went to the beach at every opportunity and spent time photographing them.  I would sit for hours  and often come away with only a handful of useful images.  Kingfishers are a challenge and that was my prime reason for going back every time.  I enjoyed the challenge, every successful image fed that need to improve.  After my foot surgeries I have never really gone back to them except for the odd random visit.  This winter I intend to change that starting with last Friday.  I sat with a fellow photographer for many hours watching the kingfisher buzz past us and stay out of reach.  I was first to arrive and was lucky enough to capture these images before she joined me.  It was the only time we had one come close enough.  It was an enjoyable afternoon though, very relaxing sitting at the beach watching the birds in the distance.  I highly recommend it for de-stressing!

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