Lines and layers in the landscape

blog2-Miranda-1272One of the standout features of the Miranda coast was the lines and layers. Layers of sand, shell, vegetation, water and sky make for very interesting landscapes and when you add a flock of birds flying through even more so.  blog2-Miranda-929As I have said before I am not a landscape photographer but I do try from time to time, to capture an image if something in particular about the landscape stands out for me.  Here it was the lines, the layers and the symmetry of it all.  The sparkling of the sunshine on the water and the quiet godwits all napping in the sun until next disturbed.blog2-Miranda-1164In the past I have also been envious of those who take lovely sunset landscapes with brightly coloured skies, now I have one of my own. Thankfully I think it looks just as good as a photograph as it did in reality.blog2-Miranda-943

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