More Bees and Bumbles

I am still trying out different things with the Lumix G9II. One being to see how steady I can get the image when trying to focus on a very small subject, using my big birding lens. At full extension, my long lens acts as a macro lens, and gives me the opportunity to play with macro photography. I don’t have to get really close or having any fancy macro equipment. I am sure the image above would have had my neighbours laughing as they watched me trying to squat low enough to capture this moment. I really should have taken a stool outside but bumble bees wait for no man!

The next three images (above and below) are a sequence that were taken in the wind at Staglands. My friend was laughing about the fact that we drove all the way to Staglands and struggled to get a carpark. Queued to get through the gate into the park, just so I could photograph a bumble bee! Crazy? Maybe. Regardless I am really enjoying playing with the bees.

The final image in this post was also at Staglands on some wild roses. I don’t have any roses in my garden so there was an opportunity to get something different along with the bee.

All of these images were captured using the Panasonic Lumix G9II and Leica DG 100-400 lens.

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