My Favourite Images of 2023

One of the kea from Staglands putting on a lovely display of coloured feathers while preening.

I have decided to go back through my images for this year and share some of my favourites again. This has been an exciting year for me with my images making their way into many different publications, and on the walls of commercial buildings.

White capped mollymawk
White-capped mollymawk or albatross during a trip to Steward Island January 2023.

It has been my pleasure to donate my images to many different conservation groups for their newsletters and reports. I also have a couple of new projects underway at the moment that I should be able to share at a later date.

Photographing birds is so much more fun when the light is soft and golden. Kereru (wood pigeon) keeping an eye on me.

The year also taught me that my health won’t look after itself. After a short hospital stay I have decided that I need less stress, and more time with nature and my camera. Time spent relaxing in nature is very healing. Hopefully my photography will benefit from it as I am always looking to improve.

When the snow leopards arrived at the Wellington Zoo it was exciting, getting a close-up even more so.

Another highlight of the year was getting to play with the Panasonic Lumix G9II while it was still in pre-production and having Panasonic use my images at their Lumix G9II launch events at the Auckland Zoo, at the PSNZ National Convention on their trade stand, in their social media posts and magazine advertisements. I saw one of my images shared by Lumix Australia recently, so they are being used globally. Very exciting!

During the month of October, my front garden is full of colour with the kowhai trees in flower and the tui drinking their nectar.

With all the extra time I ‘should’ have, I plan on exploring some different genres of photography, some of which I have dabbled with in the past, and some new techniques that look interesting. I would also like to get some more tutorials on my website, so if there is something you would like me to write about, please let me know. Getting the ideas is the hard part, the writing is easy.

A rainbow lorikeet was stopping for breakfast in my son’s Brisbane back yard. November 2023

Please enjoy this selection of images that I have chosen as my favourites for the year. Please let me know in the comments area. I love getting comments that aren’t spam!

Semi-ignoring the camera, a pateke (brown teal) was busy preening himself, at Staglands.
I love it when birds stare right down the lens. This is a Noisy Miner (honeyeater) from Brisbane.

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