Nestcam Update

IMG_4973-fbThe chicks are growing by the day and that’s a really good thing because our builder is ready to redo the veranda roof!  He has been very patient waiting until the chicks have left the nest before he starts work.  Last night as I was on my way out I looked up and saw the cutest thing.  The chicks had popped their heads out around the side of their mother. I rushed back and got the camera and took a couple of shots.  I had to use flash but the didn’t seem to mind.IMG_4975-fbToday I got a closer look at the nest as both parent birds were off foraging for worms.  Sadly it appears that we have lots one chick. There are only three visible in the nest now.  I love the way their open beaks give the parent birds an easy target for dropping worms into!    IMG_4976-fb

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