IMG_4783-blogA friend and I went for a look over at the inlet today as it was such a lovely sunny still day at home.  Boy was it different over the other side of the hill!  The wind was up, the water was chopping and the wind surfers were out in force!  There were very few birds about, probably all hunkered down somewhere sheltered.IMG_4776-blogWe went for a short walk around the reserve and came across a tree with about four grey warblers flitting around it.  Not one of them stayed still long enough for a photo but it was encouraging to see so many of them in one place.  I will be going back there with my chair so I can just sit and wait for them.  There was also a fantail bouncing around teasing us.IMG_4803-blogI never thought I would be complaining about a bird getting too close but that is just what this one did and I had no where to back up into to get a clear shot.  So I just did my best and unfortunately in most of the shots the fantail had no tail!  I still like them though. IMG_4770-blog

When there are few birds around I tend to look at other things to photograph.  Today it was the dried stalks of the bulrushes.  I likes the bits of fluff as the wind blew them.  Something a little different for me 🙂IMG_4738-blog
IMG_4748-blogLastly there were the syncronised swimming ducks.  Three butts in the water and not a head to be seen!

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