Ugly to cute in 7 days


IMG_4191-blogToday saw us back at Zealandia for the fourth week in a row. The shag chicks have grown an enormous amount in the past week and are now being left on their own in the nests.  I didn’t get a feeding image this week, the parent birds just weren’t cooperating with my schedule!  I did go for a bit of a walk to see what else was about. The tuatara were out enjoying the sunshine.  I saw lots of bell birds, tui, dunnocks (see images below) and even saw a saddleback but failed to focus on it in time.  The trees down by the kaka feeding area appear to have suffered from the storms, one of them just isn’t there any more so the area looks a bit sparse.  The birds didn’t seem to mind though.IMG_4337-blog

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