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1E6A3535-EditIt has been a little over a month since I last picked up my birding camera.  It’s strange because when I wasn’t going out to the birds, I was busy and didn’t really miss it that much.  Now after going out for one day – I have to go back out again today!  1E6A3519Anyway, I went to Pauatahanui to see what the kingfishers were up to.  They were having great fun teasing photographers.  As I arrived I looked down the beach and saw many camera lenses poking out of the scrub.  The knitting club was also there sitting on the bank in the shade supporting their photographer friends.1E6A3380One young kingfisher was brave enough to come out but constantly stayed out of lens reach.  The new generation of kingfishers are going to need to be trained like the older ones – that of course means many trips to the beach.  Such a hardship 😉1E6A3395There were all manner of birds in the sky also, three helicopters looking completely different to each other.  I often wonder how the big chunky ones manage to stay in the sky.1E6A3628The highlight of the day for me, though not great shots, was of a hawk being chased by a seagull.  I didn’t realise until I got home and looked at the images but the hawk has a fish in its claws!1E6A3585Today I am going somewhere different – hoping for good results but you never know until you get there. It’s tricky finding places to go that don’t involve walking so if you know if any good spots where I can pretty much drive right to, please let me know.  Walking is a bit of an issue right now.1E6A3594 1E6A3592

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