1E6A3659-EditI said I was going somewhere different and I did.  I ventured North to the Queen Elizabeth II park where a fellow photographer had said there was a wetland worthy of a visit.  Indeed it was worthy and I will go back again real soon!1E6A3705-EditThe main focus of today’s images is the dabchicks.  There were some there with youngsters but they stayed too far away for me to get a good shot of them.  We also saw white-faced herons, royal spoonbills, kingfisher, tui, goldfinches, greenfinches and many more!1E6A3701-EditI also heard and saw, but didn’t manage to photograph, frogs.  Loud noisy frogs!  I was hoping to get a dabchick eating one but alas I had to make do with it eating a fish.  Such is life 😉1E6A3759

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