1E6A3659-EditI said I was going somewhere different and I did.  I ventured North to the Queen Elizabeth II park where a fellow photographer had said there was a wetland worthy of a visit.  Indeed it was worthy and I will go back again real soon!1E6A3705-EditThe main focus of today’s images is the dabchicks.  There were some there with youngsters but they stayed too far away for me to get a good shot of them.  We also saw white-faced herons, royal spoonbills, kingfisher, tui, goldfinches, greenfinches and many more!1E6A3701-EditI also heard and saw, but didn’t manage to photograph, frogs.  Loud noisy frogs!  I was hoping to get a dabchick eating one but alas I had to make do with it eating a fish.  Such is life 😉1E6A3759

1E6A3846-Edit 1E6A3731-Edit

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  1. Very nice pics. It is a sign of a healthy wetland when dabchicks are prevalent and breeding. I own a small wairarapa wetland and they bred here for the first fifteen years. But no wetland is permanent, and since my ponds have started to silt up, the dabchicks have departed. But I’m working on it.

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