Playing with a fisheye

My mother has been looking for a specific lens for some time now and they have been no where to be found in New Zealand.  I found one in Australia recently online and managed to get it to her just before my last visit there.  We both had lots of fun learning how to use it and I know I have yet to achieve the kind of images it can produce but it was fun getting as far as I did.

The lens is a circular fisheye and seems to grab everything around you into the image – including feet, legs, fingers etc. Most of these images have my finger along the side where I was holding the lens. 

These images are just a few of my first play with the lens.  The last one is so you can compare from a standard lens to the same subject in the fisheye. I left the lens in Auckland with my mother so I guess if I want to play some more with it, I will need to make frequent visits to Auckland.

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