Once the housework and shopping was done today we headed over to the Inlet once more to see if there were any kingfishers about and indeed they were. I headed down to my new favourite possie and set up next to another photographer.

Actually it was this particular photographer who is responsible for my obsession with kingfishers.  (If you are reading this blog, you know who you are!) Once I had seen some of his images, I wanted to be able to achieve something similar. I am still a long way from doing that.

After about thirty minutes of waiting the kingfishers flew in and put on a show for us. It seems to take that long for them to trust any change in the scenery. As I was pretty close to their log (covered in camo fabic) I was something to be wary of for a bit.

The light was just perfect today and I fired off a few hundred shots. I have had a quick look at them to pick some for this blog and don’t think I will be deleting any of them! That is indeed a first!

If it wasn’t for the incoming tide and my fear of being stuck without a dry path back to the car I would have stayed out there longer. Indeed I should have been there earlier in the day. If it is sunny tomorrow I will most certainly be back there again.

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  • boneywhitefootMay 5, 2013 at 5:49 am

    your really starting to nail these birds, well done


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