New Zealand Tui

Tui in a kowhai tree

Friday’s are my day for doing the things I enjoy. So far today that has meant visiting the pool at 7.30am with friends, doing some lengths before soaking in the hot spa.  Finding the motivation to get to the pool is often hard but I always enjoy it when I get there. I really must try and get there more than once a week.  So the plan to today was to swim, then visit a friend’s place with my camera.  She has several kowhai trees on her property and they are literally covered in tui.

Of course the birds got the memo that we were visiting and decided to sit high up in the one tree we couldn’t get a good shot of for the better part of the morning. However I can be patient and I guess the birds didn’t know that.  In the end I managed to capture these images.  I was using the new camera and still haven’t gotten overly used to the focusing options on it, so many of the images were somewhat blurred – but I see this as part of the learning process and the ones that are in focus are great.

I am again happy with the way the camera performed, and that I could shoot the birds without the aid of a monopod.  It has been many years since I have been able to do that. I am not going to part with the Canon kit just yet as they are still a great camera and lens but I can see the amount of use they get is going to reduce hugely.  I hope you enjoy this set of images and would love to read your comments on them.

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