White Heron or kotuku

Practice practice practice…

Learning a new camera takes time, and ideally I would like to get to the point where I can change settings without thought. That I will be so familiar with the dials and buttons that I will instinctively change settings to suit the situation that I am photographing.

Today after I finished work I decided a trip to see George was in order, so I rang a fellow photographer and we headed to Petone. George is a white heron or kotuku that returns to the boat sheds each year.  We all assume it is the same bird and I have no idea who named him George but he is an impressive looking bird all the same.

Unfortunately the tide was in and George had found the perfect spot to rest where no one could get close to him, and he had no intention of moving.  We will have to return when the tide is lower and he is more interested in feeding to bother about hiding from photographers!

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