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Going Mirrorless!

It has been a while coming but I have finally taken the plunge and moved to a mirrorless camera.  I had come to the conclusion that I needed a lighter set up to avoid sore joints after each shoot.  This weekend was my first play with my new Panasonic Lumix G9 and this post in particular will focus on how I handled it with a 100-400 lens attached.

I have been unable to hand hold my nature camera for many years because of the weight and used a monopod with a gimbal head to assist me in taking images.  Today on a spur of the moment trip out to Cape Palliser I managed to carry my own gear (no assistant required) and to hand hold the camera/lens kit while shooting these images.

I haven’t been quick to make the decision to switch my gear having started my research back in April 2017 at a trade stand where I was able to have a play with one of the G9’s predecessors. My requirements were specific in that I wanted to be able to continue my nature photography, birds and other quick moving animals, and it needed to be lightweight.  The G9 has done just that.

I gave the camera a good workout over the weekend while I was in the Wairarapa and while the light might not have been perfect for what I was doing, I didn’t care.  The heavy camera that I know so well remained in the car and I managed to work out the new camera without having to refer back to the manual all the time.

I will post more of the images over the next couple of days from both of the lenses that I purchased.  I know they aren’t prize winning images but for me, as the first attempt using new gear, they are spot on! Thank you to guys at Spendid Photo for all your help, it is much appreciated.

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