Old Treasures Repurposed

Some years ago now, a friend and I hosted a “Trash the Dress” workshop for a group of photographers. We purchased loads of old wedding dresses and found a group of people willing to model for us.  I remember getting so addicted to buying the dresses that I had to limit myself to how many we required for the workshop.  Move forward several years and one of the students at that workshop is now totally addicted to buying the dresses herself.



Not being one to miss an opportunity I found us a willing model and invited her around to try on some of the dresses to see if any of them would fit well enough to make use of in a photo shoot.  One thing led to another and we found ourselves at Trentham Race Course having some fun with the cameras. Our poor model was covered in goosebumps as we had her standing in the wind with the snow on the Tararua Ranges in the background.



I have struggled to delete any of the images from the shoot, our model looked perfect and while the light was not as controlled as it could have been it was exactly what could have happened if it was a real wedding shoot.  However I am also aware that I don’t need 50 identical images so I am slowly whittling them down to the best few.  I need to save room on the hard drive for the next time!


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