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Body Building Competition

We have had a bit of fun chaos in our house for the last few days.  One of our sons is a body builder and had planned to be competing in this weekend’s NZIFBB Wellington Championship Competition, so we had tickets to the show to see him perform.  However after qualifying for the Nationals in Christchurch recently, he decided not to compete so he could put all his focus on the Nationals.

We had already purchased our tickets so went along regardless to see what it was all about. Having Nick sitting with us was great as he explained to me what the judges were looking for in each different section. I have to admit that some of the time I couldn’t tell the difference but it was interesting all the same.  Our main reason for still attending was to support Nick’s friend Katie Wolfe who was competing.

We got a real taste of what it takes to get ready for one of these events. The makeup artist (Kellie Michelle Makeup) arrived at our house at 5.30am to work her magic, then by 6.30am we were heading into Wellington for a spray tan appointment, before a quick trip home to finish preparations, then heading to the event centre to drop Katie off for her 9.30am start.

We met with Katie again during the lunch break for a quick photo session making use of the available light in the foyer of the event centre. Then managed to get front row seats to the finals show.  The ladies had to wait until after the men had finished strutting their stuff on the stage, so a good part of the time we sat there picking our line up of winners to see if our choices matched the judges.  Most of the time they did.

The event didn’t allow ‘professional cameras’ (by this they meant anything other than a cell phone) so I managed a few images during the show using my phone.  I don’t take photos with it often so in the rush to get it right, I missed most of Katie’s posing. However she did really well and I did get the prize giving where she received a 1st in Novice Short, and a 2nd in Open Short.

Today also happens to be Katie’s birthday, so a big “Happy Birthday to you Katie!”
You can follow Katie and her trip to the Nationals in 3 weeks time on Instagram @kaybehbeez

Team Edge
Coaches: Joe Di Scuillo & Ingrid Romero
Makeup: Kellie Michelle Makeup

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