Size does make a difference

“Where are you from?” asked the passenger sitting next to my husband.  He had seen me clicking away out the window of the plane pretty much the entire trip home, and thought we must have been tourists.  My husband told his fellow passenger ” she’s just addicted to taking photos”.  And he’s not wrong!  I always feel better after I have been out with the camera, it is my happy place, the place where I can shut out the world and just ‘see’ though the lens.

Now that I have a lighter camera, I am finding that I am using it more often than I did with my previous gear.  It was no hardship to have it sitting in my hand while flying home from Auckland, and I enjoyed the distraction of looking for images as we traveled. The only time I put the camera down, was to drink my cuppa tea.

We were flying home as the sun was setting and I was seated on the wrong side of the plane.  I won’t make that mistake again!  But the cloud formations were soft pink and I found them very pleasing to the eye.  I started to look for pictures in the clouds, like we did as children staring at the sky.  I was rewarded with a grand ole dragon sleeping above the clouds.

I was also looking at the patterns below and this image is one that I particularly like.  The edge of the land and the meeting of the ocean not a sharp and harsh line, but softened by the waves as they land on the beach.  I liked the soft fluffy clouds as they floated between me and the land below.

So as the title to this post says, size really does matter to me.  The freedom the Lumix G9 has given me is amazing.  I am taking more photographs of  more subjects – not just nature.  What’s more… I am really enjoying being able to get to my happy place more often!

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