horse and foal

Miniature Horses and Their Foals

One of my BFF’s, Claire, came down to Wellington for a bit of a relax and holiday, so I took her on a whirl-wind road trip to Havelock North.  That’s relaxing isn’t it? On the way up we saw a paddock filled with miniature horses and as we flew past (we were on a time limit) Claire told me she saw a foal in the paddock too.  We made a quick decision to look them up on our way home the next day (today).

Thankfully, Claire is a good passenger and pointed out the horses just as we passed them. So we turned around and parked up on the side of the road. There wasn’t just one foal in the paddock, there were six!  They were all cute as buttons with their curly tails and long eye lashes, and they were so small that they were almost lost in the long grass.  We stayed there for a while and I took way too many images (lots of culling and processing to be done), but enjoyed every minute of watching these little guys playing.

To give you some idea of the size of these miniature horses, this image has a cow standing next to them.  The cow’s calf was about the same height as the mare.
The foal went for a run over to the cows and the mare chased after her foal and gently nudged it back over to their side of the paddock.  She was very protective of her baby and didn’t want it to be anywhere near the cows.  The cow, of course, didn’t seem to give a…

The reason why we didn’t see all the foals the first time we drove past was because the long grass was almost as tall as they were, and if they lay down in it, they were practically invisible from the road.  It would be fun to play hide and seek in grass that long if you were only as tall as one of these babies!  I hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed our time observing them.  Totally made my day!


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