IMG_6025-blogOn the way out to Staglands today we were talking about the weather report and how it said 0% chance of rain, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. However I made the comment that every time we go to Staglands there is rain!  Every time! Today was no exception, we started walking around the park and wouldn’t you know it – a sun shower!  Thankfully it didn’t last long but next time I will keep quiet!IMG_6029-blogOur first interesting encounter was with a magpie. It was putting its head through the fence to see if we had any food for it.  We didn’t so it stopped doing it. Husband then decided to go get some food to encourage it to do some more as we (his father was with us) had not finished photographing it.  Fussy bird didn’t like the food but was really interested in the paper bag!IMG_6041-blogThe swan was another piece of work. It smelt the food and was sticking close to it.  Even when I wanted it further away to get the shot.  So we had to distract it with a little food then move into position and wait for it to come looking for more. It worked and I am happy with the results.IMG_6136-blogThe last image for today is the guinea pig, it’s cute, it’s little and it’s not a bird!IMG_6108-blog

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