Trentham Fireworks Fantastic

IMG_6681-blogI didn’t make it to the fireworks display last year but the weather was near perfect this year so we headed down to join the crowds just before dark. There were thousands of people there as is normal and many of them with glow sticks and light sabers flashing about in the dark. We were a little far back to fully enjoy the entertainment but that was deliberate.  I have tried being up close and found it not ideal when the fireworks actually go off. IMG_6724-blogIn the past I have tried changing settings midway though the display and that really is a recipe for disaster.  This time I did my homework, checked previous images that worked and set the camera up before I left home.  During the display the most I did was adjust the zoom.  The camera was set at 3.2 second shutter speed, ISO 100 and F/11.  All the images in this post were shot at those settings on manual focus set to infinity, on the tripod and using the remote trigger. I am happy with the results this year.IMG_6739-blog

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