Tuatara shedding skin

blog-IMG_7945In the news today there was a story about a tuatara that had escaped Zealandia and was found a little worse for wear.  It reminded me that I had a bunch of tuatara images from last weekend still to share. blog-IMG_7928Zealandia has a large population of tuatara now and a few years ago you were lucky to see one or two out of their burrows when you visited but that has definitely changed. These days if the sun is shining you can see up to thirty of them around the tracks and not all of them behind fences either!  blog-IMG_7932Right now most of them are either shedding (their skin) or have recently shed. You can tell by the fresh green colour on some of them compared to the duller grey brown of the older skins. The adults shed once a year, while the juveniles can be up to four times a year.blog-IMG_7940 If you look closely on a couple of these photos you can see bits of the old skin still sitting on the back of the tuatara.

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