Wellington Zoo post lock-down

We are back to level one and enjoying the things we have been missing over the last few months.  Wellington Zoo is still free til the end of June thanks to Wellington City Council, so a couple of friends and myself decided to take it the offer and enjoy a day at the zoo.  The weather wasn’t terrific and it was threatening to rain but that didn’t stop us. We figured if we could get half way round the zoo before the rain came then we were onto a win.  And we did just that!  Just as our tummies were telling us it was time for lunch, the rain came down.

We saw lots of exhibits while walking around the zoo but the first to really get us excited was the gibbons, they were practically posing for us right in front of the viewing area.  It was most unusual for these animals to be so obliging and we didn’t waste the opportunity.  Lots of images were made right there and then! From there we headed to the sun bear enclosure where one of the bears was trying to hide from us.  We managed to get some head shots from a distance.

Next came the giraffes followed by the cats – servals and caracals – both of which where active in there enclosures providing us with plenty of photographic opportunities. Of course we saw lots of other exhibits but the photographic opportunities were not always there, or if they were, there were a lot of children enjoying them and we didn’t want to spoil their fun.

We finished up in the cafe for lunch and to photograph the pygmy marmosets. They are so cute you can’t help but point a camera at them, and they certainly performed for us when we did. I hope you enjoy this selection of images.


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