Pushing limits

I am still on the topic of practicing with the Silvereyes.  They are bouncing around the garden like jumping beans right now and I have no will power so the camera is sitting on the tripod beside me while I work, freezing my toes off beside the open French doors.  Mad I know.

But there is a lot to be learnt playing with the Silvereyes in bad light.  I learn how far I can push my camera with regards to ISO and noise.  I learn just how slow the shutter speed can go without losing the detail in the quick little birds and most of all I learn where to make the compromise between detail and soft dreamy backgrounds.

These image have been taken over the last few days with varying light conditions and all sorts of different camera settings.  Some were taken this morning and I didn’t even realise it was raining until I started to process the images. 

We also had a couple of tui making regular trips back and forth to the feeder.  The dull light does nothing for their feathers but again I am playing with settings to see if I can still achieve a usable image.  Practice time can be fun!

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