light painting with crystal balls

A different set-up

Still playing with the crystal balls and loads of different lights.  After purchasing all the lights I would need for the workshop I cleaned out a storage cupboard and what should I find?  More lights! I had purchased them for my mother many years ago when she was trying to get bokeh behind her dandelion seeds, and when she was finished with them she gave them back to me.  I promptly put them away and forgot about them. 

Now that they have been found I have transformed them into light wands with the help of a glue gun and last night we had some fun playing with them. These nights are always filled with laughter and we experiment with different ways of doing the light paintings in the balls, and last night was no exception.  I don’t think I have laughed so much in months – unless you count the last time we got together to do this. Maybe it is the dark that brings out the crazy, but crazy fun it definitely was!

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