A visit to Staglands Wildlife Reserve

If you have never been to Staglands Wildlife Reserve, then you are missing out on one of Upper Hutt’s most magic spots.  Yesterday I was part of a group of four photographers who visited the reserve and we had an amazing time. Before we had even walked down the first path, a peacock decided to put on a display for us.  We have to assume it was for us as there didn’t appear to be a female anywhere close by. From there everything went to the ducks!  They were putting on such a show for us, we couldn’t help but stop and photograph them.

We had a look at the new kea aviary that is not far away from opening and have decided we need to come back as soon as it is ready.  It is so much bigger – I am sure the kea are going to love their new home.  As a photographer the opportunities in there have increased 10 fold with all the extra light that can get in.  There are no kea images in this blog because they are tucked away somewhere safe until their new home is ready for them sometime this week.

We stopped by to see the horses and popped the camera in to the guinea pig house, then on to the other walk in aviary. We weren’t disappointed there either! Lots of young fledglings demanding food from their parents and the colours of the birds all in together are just beautiful.  The lovebirds caught my attention this time.

We stopped in to see the Whio but they were not in the mood for visitors, so we carried on over the swing bridge to the other side of the river.  Here I found a delightful calf who after saying hello decided to show me how long its tongue was and how it could use it to scratch and itch.  I am sure it thought I had food to give me but alas it was mistaken. Love the freckles!

Next up was the goats  and deer, the highland cattle were sleeping so we didn’t bother them. Popped into the see the black ravens then made our way back to the cafe for lunch. We are always enjoy that part of our visit, a nice cuppa tea and some yummy food before heading home to process all the images.  I know my focus is mainly on what a photographer gets out of this reserve, but it is also an amazing place for children to interact with nature. My grandchildren enjoy it too!  I hope you have enjoyed these images.

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