IMG_8598-blogA lifetime ago I lived on a farm and we had Welcome Swallows nesting in our carport every year.  I would watch the birds build their nest of mud and feed their chicks and not once did I take a photo.  Back then I didn’t even own a camera!  It would be nice if I could have those swallows nesting in my backyard now so that I could photograph the process much like I am the thrush, but alas that isn’t happening.IMG_8619-blogA trip to Zealandia today bought this all back to me as I watched a pair of swallows feeding and swooping back to their nest. They are nesting underneath the little bridge to the pump house there and while we got to see the nest from the boat, we couldn’t see in and it wasn’t in a position where it could be photographed.  I spent some time trying to capture them in flight and when they were diving into the water.IMG_8593-blogI have a few images of other birds also from today’s walk at Zealandia but I will post them over the next few days. Watch this space!
IMG_8618-blogNestcam:  Our mamma thrush is sitting on her nest today so I couldn’t get to see if there was a new egg or not. I suspect there is.  However today we met pappa thrush as he stood guard near by.IMG_8558-blog

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