Auckland Zoo is Changing!

The last time I visited Auckland Zoo, I was a little disappointed about the amount of construction happening at the time, reducing the experience for me.  That was 18 months ago now.  Yesterday I visited again and I could hardly believe what was going on.  Half of the zoo is now a construction zone and we found ourselves unable to walk around the circuit.  We had to double back to get to the other side!

As it happened it was so hot we just didn’t bother.  So we visited the Australia exhibit, the Ring-tailed Lemurs and the Cotton-top Tamarins.  That was all we managed to get around before the heat got to us.  However far from being annoyed I am so happy with the images I got that I have almost forgotten about the construction noise and dust.  I do feel sorry for the animals having to listen to the noise all the time.

The cotton-top tamarins had babies a week ago and they were clinging to mum’s back.  The keepers were there encouraging them out for a zoo photographer, so it was the perfect time for us to be there.  The babies are so cute and often hard to see as they tuck themselves under mum’s fur.

I overheard the keeper saying that the mother was the dominant in the group and that none of the other females will breed while she is the dominant. Hell of a job, looking after two youngsters AND controlling the rest of the group!

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