The Black Morph Fantail

Recently I have heard of people seeing and photographing black morph fantails.  As these are only about 5% of the fantail population and mostly found in the South Island, I really didn’t think I had much chance of seeing one anytime soon.  I went to a different place this morning on the recommendation of a couple of other photographers I have been chatting with at the falcon nest.  I didn’t find what I had hoped, but the little black morph more than made up for it.

The adult pied fantail was very protective of the youngster and was constantly trying to get my attention away from it.  It worked for the most part because I am a sucker for a good fantail shot, but I was also determined not to waste an opportunity, especially when I didn’t know if another one would come about anytime soon.

I briefly went back to the falcons afterwards but the light wasn’t great, the wind was strong and cold and today I just didn’t have the energy to stay.  Besides, I have a Christmas tree to put up 🙂  I did get a few images and saw that silvereyes were on today’s menu for the chicks.  I have yet to look at those images, so they may follow in another post.

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