It’s All About the Eyes

On gaining entry to Auckland zoo, my first go to place is usually the tiger enclosure.  I have had some great success photographing the tigers through the glass and was looking forward to more opportunities. Alas that was not to be. I don’t know where the tigers are now but they are not where they used to be. Instead we found ring tailed lemurs.

The sign said look up into the tree tops because the lemurs like to sun bathe up there, but it was so hot they were all relaxing under the trees in the shade. They looked so sad and forlorn, but that made for excellent photo opportunities.  I loved their facial expressions and their glassy eyes.  So we spent a bit of time photographing lemurs instead of tigers.

There must have been something good happening up the top of the trees though because they were often looking upwards. I just concentrated on head shots because of their expressive eyes.  I hope you enjoy this set of images.

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