Butterflies and Tropical Fish

On my recent trip to Auckland, I took time to go to Butterfly Creek to their butterfly house.  Of course being a really hot sunny day, just made it even hotter and brighter inside the enclosure.  I had trouble with my eyes stinging because of sweat dripping into them making it difficult to see, let alone focus on a constantly moving butterfly.

Every time I visit this place I come away with so many images that I absolutely love, but I have to say the Lumix G9 has made it so much easier to capture these beautiful creatures.  Being able to hand hold the big lens and capture so much detail is just amazing! I also found it extremely useful to be able to easily shift the single focus point, without having to look at what I was doing, giving me the ability to pinpoint the focus exactly where I wanted it in every image.

On the way out we decided to have a go at photographing the fish in the aquariums.  The tanks are lit but the room is in semi-darkness so it was certainly a challenge without a tripod.  However once again the G9 did it for me and I managed to capture moving fish in low light!

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