Back at the Kingfishers

IMG_4295-blogIt has been a wee while since I have been to the kingfishers at Pauatahanui, so today I thought I would give them a go when I got home from work.  It was a bit windy and this made it very hard to keep my camera steady when I was shooting but I persevered.  Shortly after I set up some nice gentlemen decided it would be a fine idea to go and look at the geese, so just wandered out over the mud flats scaring everything in sight and I very much doubt that he got to see much of the geese.  What he did succeed in doing was to scare away the kingfishers.IMG_4298-blogAbout 30 minutes later I noticed the first kingfisher in the distance.  I watched as it fed then disappeared off somewhere behind me. After about ten minutes it would return again and stay a bit longer. I got really excited when it stopped on the log in front of me, pity that the sun chose that minute to hide behind a cloud but I clicked away happily regardless.  The first one was a youngster not fully into its adult feathers and thankfully not too scared of the silly lady hiding under a blanket!IMG_4430-blogWhile I was following the youngster I heard a noise to my left. I turned around and there was another slightly older bird watching me.  I slowly turned the camera towards it and again clicked away.  At this point I should tell you that I was shooting the entire sequence on manual focus with the tele-converter attached to the lens. I am hopeless at manual focusing, my eyesight is not the best and trying to manual focus on a specific point is more luck than anything else.  I got lucky today!  IMG_4437-blogThe second kingfisher was busy barffing up its left overs (or casting if you want the technical term) and as soon as that job was complete it was gone.  I didn’t wait around for either of them to come back as I was really cold and ready for dinner.  They will be there another day 🙂 IMG_4333-blog  IMG_4294-blog

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