No kingfishers today… until…

IMG_4838-blogI spent quite a bit of time today sitting at the beach waiting for the tide to go out and the kingfishers to arrive.  There is usually a pattern to the birds as the water leaves, first the geese turn up, then the gulls and terns, then the swans, shags and plovers etc. and all of these did as they should in the right order. The next birds due in were the white-faced herons followed by the kingfishers.  There were NO herons, which meant the kingfishers couldn’t make an appearance! The did eventually, just as I was getting into the car to leave two kingfishers flew out to the perches.  %$#@ ^&*IMG_4788-blogWhile I was waiting for the kingfishers that never turned up I started taking random photos and putting stories to them.  As a writer I find it fairly easy to spin a picture into a story and some of todays ones were very comical. Especially the one about the two headed swan!  Timing is everything and a split second later the two headed swan became two swans – magic!  IMG_4891-blogI am not finished with the kingfishers and plan to keep stalking them until I have completed my project to my satisfaction.  This may take some time.IMG_4906-blog

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