young pukeko

Back with the pukeko family

The pukeko family reside in a stream just down the road a bit from where I live, so they are easy to visit at a moment’s notice when the light is right. I was perhaps a little too early on this visit, as the dragonflies and damselflies were not visible – which also meant the kingfishers were off feeding somewhere else as well.  Now I know that, I will time my visits better in the hope of seeing the kingfishers with the dragonflies again.

I took my chair this time (or rather my long suffering husband bought along our chairs) so I could just sit back and relax in the sunshine enjoying the peace and birdsong.  A rabbit popped through the grasses over the other side of the stream which I would have missed completely if I wasn’t sitting there so still.  The birds ignored us and carried on their usual morning activities and I managed to capture a bunch of images that I am happy with.  The youngsters are getting quite large and are starting to get their adult colours but they are still very cute to watch.

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