pied stilt chick

Pied Stilts at Pauatahanui

A beautiful day in Wellington and  we started out early to make the most of it. First it was another visit to the pukeko family (which will be the topic of another post) and then on to Pauatahanui to see what was there.  As we drove down the road I spied a bunch if tiny moving objects that required further investigation.  I turned the car around and headed back to the carpark.

A short walk down the road and I could see three cute little balls of fluff.  I did wish I was a few inches taller so I could have a clear view over the reeds but alas I had to wait for the birds to move into a clear space. These images have been heavily cropped because of the distance they were away from the camera but I am very happy to have seen and photographed them.


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